How to write a complaint

A complaint letter is one of the nastiest it is when it comes to writing nasty things. For me, it is despicable, because it’s obvious that I’m not writing it out of boredom, something bad has happened. Either I pay for something that does not fulfill the contract or something bad was I complaining about it. With the hope of a positive result, it is the only thing that is good about the whole situation. Hope.

Enter your name, address and all phone numbers. Then state your case. Now be very careful. If you are in a high position of anxiety, stress or anger, do not do this. Take your time. And I advise you to do this because at the point of highest anxiety and stress you are likely to do more harm than good to your cause. Also think about the employee who will have to deal with you. Yes, the person reading your letter is most definitely not responsible for your problem but can be very useful in solving it. Most complain wrong idea in the subconscious that their complaint will reach exactly the guy responsible for the issue. Wrong! Companies have employees that is designed to do that and that only, to deal with complaints. You can imagine that there is not a great job in the world. But they are the same persons who are responsible to take care of your problem. If you raise hell they may be less useful than if you want to make a civil case out of it.

Make it short. Not laconic, but short business-like manner, do not digress not unnecessary facts like how long have you worked for the amount of money you bought a piece of garbage, etc. State the exact problem you have. Also mention how long are you willing to wait to have it resolved. Are copies of all documents regarding the case. Make sure that they are only copies. Also, make a copy of the letter itself and also when you submit it to ensure that you have created a ‘proof of delivery’ option. It can apply but it is worth it. If the letter gets lost or something else happens you need to have a real account you have sent it right.

Stick to the facts. You should include dates, places, any action that may have been associated with the occurrence of your issue. If you write it by hand, make sure it is neat and easy to read. If your handwriting is not exactly up there, type it and print it, it will save you and your readers a lot of time and pain.

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