School Days – Memorable the days


Men have to cover many stage of life. As a child the first encounter with the outer world is in school. Before he does not know what school means. With his parents, he comes to know that he will get many friends and new things to learn. In the first stage the baby is a bit scared but soon school part of life.

school day begin with vigorously reduce bed with parents. Then have a quick breakfast and run for the school. In pre-school classes students learn a lot of basic things related to normal life. Study days of the week, months, colors, fruits, vegetables and recognize the part of the research. Getting appreciation of teachers means a lot to him. Rating good grades are the most valuable things he owes. Learning rhymes, playing with other kids, get injuries become a daily habit.

child began to understand the meaning and value of school when he reached the main categories. And again a new collection of memories get connected to him. Celebrating Independence Day, Republic Day, participate in various extracurricular add thrill to life. Turning the page of these memories in the form of snapshots add new life. Review the day with teachers and classmates do feel a little lighter in the second life.

The memories internal tests and the results still cold nerves. Responding parent when the result was not up to their expectations. Horror board exams, all the sleepless nights and the result all add as a bunch of the most nervous moments schooldays.

awards, medals, certificates of appreciation were part of those days. Lot of stress, competition, struggle was part but still healthy atmosphere. Many friends and one of them will ever companies were a gift to the school. Sharing lunch with classmates, hanging in the school cafeteria and help each other to finish pended homework. All combine to form beautiful memories of school days.

the pressure of study and get good grades, discipline and strictness school teachers were the most frightening part of these days. But despite all this fun was there, new excitement and some concern these days to miss school days.


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