3 Great Preschool St Nicholas Day Activities


Saint Nicholas Day is celebrated on December 6th St. Nicholas was a priest and bishop. He loved children and care for the poor. This is a great opportunity for children to learn about the origin of Santa Claus. This is a great addition to any unit of Christmas around the world. Your children will have fun with this kindergarten St. Nicholas Day activities.

Story Of St Nicholas

Read stories and talk about Saint Nicholas. He lived about 300 years after Jesus. Nicholas lived in a town called Myra. When he grew up, he became a priest. Nicholas loved children. When he heard about a poor family in the town with no money for food or clothing. Nicholas left the bag of money at your door step one night. He came back twice and the third time, the father of Nicholas leave the bag of money.

Later, Nicholas became Bishop of Myra. He continued to care for children and poor families. Because of all the good works he did, Nicholas became a saint. Finally he got the name Santa Claus. After you say this story, kids can get a visit from St. Nicholas during nap time. Leave the chocolate coins near Nap Mats them. When they wake up, they can find “money” from St. Nicholas.

Letter to Santa

All children enjoy writing letters to Santa. It is a Christmas tradition. There are many ways you can do this. One is for each child to dictate his or her target and you write it for them. They can then decorate the page with Christmas drawings. Have the children write their names on the list. Make mailboxes from a large card board boxes and let the children mail their letters.

Another way to do this is to give the children a variety of toy catalogs and advertisements. Let them find some toys they want most and cut out pictures. They can then glue these pictures on paper. Let them decorate their letters and write their names. This can also be put in envelopes and sent in the mail box.

What is St. Nicholas Bringing?

children will enjoy pretending to be St. Nicholas with this fun game. This can play a lap time. You will need: a variety of toys from around the classroom and bag. The bag may be a bag which is or can be made from red velvet material. All cloth bags can be used, if you do not want to sew a bag.

Buy a variety of toys in the middle of the room. Let the kids watch them for a few minutes before you remove them. Choose a child to be St. Nicholas. This child will choose a toy and put it in a bag while the rest of the children close their eyes. Kids will then guess which toy is in the bag. This can be done by having St. Nicholas give children other evidence toy. A fun variation is to let the children found outside the bag and guessing by touch. The child who guesses correctly is the next to be St. Nick.


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