Vending machines in schools


Vending machines in schools are a convenient alternative for students to get a snack, chocolate bars and water throughout the school day. Just like adults, children are required to drink six to eight glasses of water to maintain water balance. Vending machines on school premises are very useful for students as they offer a wide selection of snacks and healthy drinks. They are also useful when the main counter service is crowded. Vending machines in schools that offer drinks, fresh juices, water and flavored milk can also improve bank balance school, if properly managed.

vending machines in schools selling yoghurts offer muffins, scones and sandwiches a quick lunch for students who want to have something warm. They also facilitate the pressure on the school dining room.

Most schools prefer to keep vending machines. Today, many schools try to remove vending machines to avoid the problems associated with public health, obesity and dental caries. Removing vending machine is not the only option available. These problems can be minimized by foods that contain more nutritional drinks including milk, water, cereal bars, lower-fat crisps and biscuits.

When installing vending machines in schools, several factors must be considered. Set vending machines in prominent positions is of paramount importance.

A number of schools in the US have passed laws to restrict the sale of food and beverages in elementary, middle / junior and high schools. Some states have enacted laws to replace the sale of soft drinks with milk, juice and water.


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