How to encourage High School students to learn in the first week of School


You can never say enough that you only have one time to make a first impression. With that in mind it is best to make a good and lasting one. Many teachers do not realize that students who get in their classroom for the first time are disoriented and even uncomfortable and they should be aware of and understand. Students are uncomfortable because they are in an environment that is unknown to them and they are not sure how to communicate and how to respond to new and un-familiar environment.

You have to make students feel at ease and confident. It is a common myth in education circles that you need to start out on the first day to be strict and rigorous. In fact it is quite the opposite. You have to make every effort to make your students feel comfortable. The best way to get students to be convenient to set limits. People always feel comfortable when they know what goals and expectations. This is true from a formal wedding to a simple family gathering. It is this concept set boundaries that many teachers confused.

Take the time to learn the students name, listen to their concerns and smile often. You will find that by taking time to get to know students and addressing their needs has tremenous positive long-term success for you and your students in the classroom. Above all, be genuine in your love for the students that it will come back to you ten-fold.

It is good practice to offer a simple quiz on the subject you are teaching and design it in such a way that when they are finished they feel that they have acquired knowledge. Then as a pleasant surprise by students correct test themselves. Read aloud the questions and work with the class to get the right answer. At the end of telling all pupils mart 100% at the top of the paper and put “A” next to it. This positive reinforcement has a profound effect on the good students that will have a lasting success.


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