Graduation Day – Coping With Your Child Growing Up


If you are having issues with the graduation of your middle schooler – fear not, as you are not alone. A lot of people have a real sense of fear That axis child graduates from middle school thatthey are slowly losing control. It happened to me and I felt Recently That joint fear.

Graduation ceremonies shouldnt be one of a parent’s proudest moments. When you look at all of These children whom were no more than little kids When They ENTERED the school in 6’th grade and are now leaving after 8th grade as young adults a Certain reality sets in. The reality thatthey are no longer little kids a parent hits pretty hard. I felt a sense of sadness That comes with a Child’s Growing up and not Needing your Nurturing as much. One helpful coping tip I can Provide is to think back When you were in the joint situation and Realize That for the child it is a good thing to move onward and upward toward adult-hood. They have so much to look forward too.

I know to some people That graduation from middle school is not as big of a deal as When a child graduates from high school, but to me it is equally as Important. A child needs encouragement all Throughout Their school years. In order for themself to grow They have to have a Certain Amount of space, but not too much as to distance Themselves from you altogether. Any good parent Can Attest to the fact That When a child is in middle school a basis they began next few years is is formed. If bad behavior is apparent in Middle School than it is almost sure to carry over Into High School.

I would just like to say That You Should Cherish the moments When a child is young and never for a minute take anything for granted. Encouragement is the food That children RELY on to strive in life. Enjoy the every milestone along the way Because it all goes so fast. Treat the graduation as a moving up ceremony and all Will be fine.


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