Graduation Day – Coping With Your Child Growing Up


If you are having issues with the graduation of your middle schooler – fear not, as you are not alone. A lot of people have a real sense of fear That axis child graduates from middle school thatthey are slowly losing control. It happened to me and I felt Recently That joint fear.

Graduation ceremonies shouldnt be one of a parent’s proudest moments. When you look at all of These children whom were no more than little kids When They ENTERED the school in 6’th grade and are now leaving after 8th grade as young adults a Certain reality sets in. The reality thatthey are no longer little kids a parent hits pretty hard. I felt a sense of sadness That comes with a Child’s Growing up and not Needing your Nurturing as much. One helpful coping tip I can Provide is to think back When you were in the joint situation and Realize That for the child it is a good thing to move onward and upward toward adult-hood. They have so much to look forward too.

I know to some people That graduation from middle school is not as big of a deal as When a child graduates from high school, but to me it is equally as Important. A child needs encouragement all Throughout Their school years. In order for themself to grow They have to have a Certain Amount of space, but not too much as to distance Themselves from you altogether. Any good parent Can Attest to the fact That When a child is in middle school a basis they began next few years is is formed. If bad behavior is apparent in Middle School than it is almost sure to carry over Into High School.

I would just like to say That You Should Cherish the moments When a child is young and never for a minute take anything for granted. Encouragement is the food That children RELY on to strive in life. Enjoy the every milestone along the way Because it all goes so fast. Treat the graduation as a moving up ceremony and all Will be fine.


Transition From Youth football high school football


Youth organization of football – Grammar School Level, see coaches. Kids age from 7 to 14 years old, broken down into 3 sections:

– Pee-Wee – 7-10 years under 85 lbs. And under

– Gadgets – 12 and under £ 105. And under

– Juniors – 14 and under £ 135. And under

nowadays child going to college is a great disadvantage if he wants to play football for his High School with no previous organized knowledge of the game.

secondary schools in course hire from colleges. Not only 8th grade athletes, but they ask 8th graders the best 7th grade athletes are. So they do not know just who to look at, but they will also flood their mailbox with school news letters and once in a while or 2 tickets to the next game. The presentation components High School football could make for another article, but now I want to use the information in the basic knowledge of what your child is up against just enter High School.

If a kid starts at 7 years old and playing football until he leaves high school, he has at least 6 years of experience and training in the position he is suited for. Some children will change position every couple of years depending on how his body grows. Which brings up another point of view High School. High schools like the bigger kids. If the kid was playing line or linebacker for the junior team at 13 years old and weighed 110 pounds and say was a good year in high school if he did not get over 10 lbs. He could be the third team or not make the team because of its weight. To me it is a waste of talent and sometimes the lack of foresight of the coaching staff. As a result, many youth organizations take kids who are 14 and 135 lbs. And under. Sometimes it is a weight bracket for 14 years. They could be limited ti 110 lbs. Or so, by the department. At least so the kid could play kids their own age and weight. He also has the opportunity, in order to warm the bench, to hone their skills and have fun. In that year his body could begin to grow and the second year of his could be good.


Object Lesson – How Do You “spend” time



This is an object lesson you can use to teach children the importance of spending time with God every day. To conduct the lesson, you have $ 168.00 in pre-school. (Many stores carry dollar chips.) Suggested passages that use is Psalm 90:12, but there are many others, if you want to search a bit.

This is suggested discussion. Feel free to adjust it in accordance with the children you serve.

I have here $ 168.00 in pre-school. It just so happens that there are 168 hours in every week, so that each dollar will represent one hour. How do you “spend” your time? (Count the bills as you go through the available options.)

Let’s say you get about 8 hours of sleep each night. Multiply times 8 hours 7 days and you get 56 hours. Let’s set aside $ 56 from our stacks.

Next comes the school. Let’s say that averages out to 7 hours a day. That will equal another 35 hours taken out of your week. We will set aside $ 35 for it.

Everyone needs to eat, so we have to allow time for it. Say you eat 3 meals a day and average 20 minutes per meal. This is equivalent to an hour a day or 7 hours a week. I put aside 7 more dollars.

Homework? Most nights you probably have homework to do. Let’s say it averages 5 hours per week; it’s another $ 5

Watch TV. Many more, but let’s say you watch 2 hours of television each week day and the hours on the weekend. Which will add another 20 hours, so we will set aside another $ 20

play, including video games. When you start to play, especially in a video game, it’s hard to stop. Let’s say you average 2 hours a day on video games. It is equivalent to another 14 hours so I’m going to set aside another $ 14 it depends only on us with $ 31 dollars; not a whole lot for a week.

wasting time is also very easy to do. Let’s say you waste one hour a day that will add about 7 hours so I’m going to set aside another $ 7 Now we are down to $ 24.

Time on the computer including Facebook, Internet, email, etc. Even if it’s only 30 minutes a day, equivalent to another three and a half hours. Let the traffic to 4 and set aside another $ 4

How about sports? If you are on a sports team or a band or choir, you have to practice. Let’s say that adds another hour every week day and a few hours on the weekend. It adds another $ 8 Now we are left with a $ 12 per week.

The question is, of all the time you have “destroyed,” how much of it is being with God or even think about God? God can be part of the above, but you must admit and acknowledge that it is there while you do those things. But let’s look at this from another perspective.

What are some things you can do to “waste” time with God? (Let the children give some tips Figure up the amount of “dollars” every week they can represent and declare accounts ..)

– Read the Bible (15 minutes per day = $ 1.00)

– Pray (15 minutes per day = $ 1.00)

– go to church and Sunday ($ 2.00 – $ 4.00 for a large number of services attended.)

– impose memorize verses from the Bible (15 minutes per day = $ 1.00)

– Add another like children to think about them

Think about how you spend your time .. Are you spending time wisely? God says in Psalm 90:12 that it is important to count your days. That means you need to use your time wisely and take the time to approach him. As you do, He promises to approach you.

If you find that you are doing something that is a waste of time, consider giving it up and spend time with God instead. For example, to spend time with God is more important than watching TV? If you give up one thirty-minute television and spend time with God instead, it will give you more than two hours ($ 2) each week and would be time well spent.

Will you make a choice this week to spend time with God every day?


Awesome Elementary School Fundraising Ideas


The two will always be better than one. The same applies to elementary school fundraising ideas. The more you have in the arsenal, the higher your success rate. With lots of ideas on your list, you get the opportunity to expand client coverage in the sense that you get to meet the interests of different people. In this way, you get to increase your customers. This in turn will lead to higher profits. In addition to this, the more programs will allow you to have a lot of options that you can pull out when you want to start another campaign.

in listing down the primary fundraising ideas, you need to keep the different interests of your target market in mind. Think about what they really want and give it to them. That’s how simple business works. If you keep that in mind, I can assure you that it will succeed in any business venture you dig yourself into. Well, let’s go to the different things that I have promised you in my title. First on my list is magical image display. Movies get a lot of people excited. With this particular fact, you will know that this type of school fundraiser will allow you to pull in a lot of customers. However, you must be careful with the movies you are going to feature in this campaign. You must choose those that are appropriate for the age group of your customers, which will be mainly composed of school aged children. Aside from keeping the age of customers in mind, you also need to consider the movie the interests of customers. Make sure you choose the movies that will be very enjoyable for them. This will help you ensure that they will be able to go home with a big smile on their face, which shall serve as proof of their satisfaction.

keep the movie shows, like any other type of fundraising idea, will need a good amount of promotion or advertisement. In addition to this, you also need to choose a platform where customers will be satisfied. Next, put the movie schedules at a time when most potential customers will be present to participate. To make things more interesting, you can also setup booths where customers will be able to buy snacks and drinks. Once you get to plan everything well, you can now proceed to sell tickets.

Next on my list would include popcorn and lemonade stands. Pop is very tempting snacks that a lot of people enjoy digging especially during breaks and after a long and stressful day at work. The same goes for lemonade. This drink can be very refreshing. One of the biggest advantages of these fundraising ideas is that their products are very affordable, which means a lot of customers will be able to buy them. This means that you are going to hear the sound “Cha-Ching” a lot of times if you choose to go to these things.