Transition From Youth football high school football


Youth organization of football – Grammar School Level, see coaches. Kids age from 7 to 14 years old, broken down into 3 sections:

– Pee-Wee – 7-10 years under 85 lbs. And under

– Gadgets – 12 and under £ 105. And under

– Juniors – 14 and under £ 135. And under

nowadays child going to college is a great disadvantage if he wants to play football for his High School with no previous organized knowledge of the game.

secondary schools in course hire from colleges. Not only 8th grade athletes, but they ask 8th graders the best 7th grade athletes are. So they do not know just who to look at, but they will also flood their mailbox with school news letters and once in a while or 2 tickets to the next game. The presentation components High School football could make for another article, but now I want to use the information in the basic knowledge of what your child is up against just enter High School.

If a kid starts at 7 years old and playing football until he leaves high school, he has at least 6 years of experience and training in the position he is suited for. Some children will change position every couple of years depending on how his body grows. Which brings up another point of view High School. High schools like the bigger kids. If the kid was playing line or linebacker for the junior team at 13 years old and weighed 110 pounds and say was a good year in high school if he did not get over 10 lbs. He could be the third team or not make the team because of its weight. To me it is a waste of talent and sometimes the lack of foresight of the coaching staff. As a result, many youth organizations take kids who are 14 and 135 lbs. And under. Sometimes it is a weight bracket for 14 years. They could be limited ti 110 lbs. Or so, by the department. At least so the kid could play kids their own age and weight. He also has the opportunity, in order to warm the bench, to hone their skills and have fun. In that year his body could begin to grow and the second year of his could be good.


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